Monday, August 2, 2010


Ok, seems I haven't been around for a while!

Clearly I went off track, then tried to get back on track a further 2 times - to no avail. When I lose 'it', it just goes! Then it is REALLY hard to get it back!

Well, I've been back on track for the last 13 days! What am I doing? I've changed my lifestyle and gone RAW. 100%, in fact. I am absolutely loving it.

My head is definitely in the right place this time. I have dabbled in raw a few times only to be lured back to the cooked vegan way by many a tasty treat (La Panella Bakery, for instance!). Sometimes it was as simple as picking at the cooked foods I made for the kiddies. But this time it is much better.

I think last time I gave in, it was always when I was hungry, so now I eat WHENEVER I am hungry. So no more cravings. No more bingeing. No more starving myself. No more sugary urges. I'm winning that battle!

Things I have noticed since becoming RAW:

* I have lost 1.5kg (without even trying!!!! No organised exercise, no limiting foods, no feeling hungry)
* The dryness above my left eye is easing
* Both my knees are regaining movement (knee reconstructions on both!). They still creak a bit, but my range of movement has definitely improved
* A HEAP more energy (just wish I had something motivating to use it on!)

Things I am hoping will improve with RAW foods:

* no lower back pain (caused by excess weight around my waist)
* scoliosis pain
* dandruff
* psoriasis
* dry skin above my left eyebrow
* excess weight (total of 20kg)
* chipping fingernails
* knee pain
* tiredness
* grumpiness
* lack of motivation
* lack of energy
* lose the lolly/sweet addiction

I wrote this list a day or two into Raw foods and as you can see, some of these things are already starting to occur!

I'll be keeping you updated about how this is all going. I am seriously looking at ordering P90X from America. Looks full on, but will be so worth it!



Cealz said...

Fantastic! Good luck with the raw food, sounds good. Maybe I can make you another dessert?!

Tahn said...

Thanks! Would love a dessert! (must collect those raw books back - now I have a purpose!)lol
What's happening with your loss this week? no update?

Niki said...

Ahhh I didn't know you were doing this blog! Good one!