Thursday, November 25, 2010

New plans, new motivation

Today I decided to get my exercise bike out from the shed and return it to the house along with some of my hand weights. I've been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now (well, since my missed miscariage which you can read about here) and finally got around to it today. It was stacked in a really awkward spot (as that's what happens in sheds!) and took a bit to get to it and get it out, but it's now inside.

Then I was catching up with blog posts by my friend and found a recent post here describing her weight woes and what she plans on doing about it! So it is meant to be!

When I moved to Melbourne almost 3 years ago (wow, that long - they said it would never last!) I had just gone through a self planned 12 week weight loss attempt and arrived over to the eastern part of Oz weighing just 60kgs! My ideal weight!

So that got me thinking (and dwelling and getting sad) about what it was that I did back then to help me shift the weight. My first thought is WILL POWER, DETERMINATION and GOAL SETTING. Well, mostly is was determination - determined to show off to my ex-husband, determined to finish the 12 weeks, determined to lose a shit load of weight. And I did! SO why hasn't it worked like that the other 8 times I have tried to lose weight since being in Melbourne?? I think life and issues mostly got in the way, and the will power was up the creek without a paddle. What will make this attempt any different? I'm not sure, but I am going to give it one RED HOT go!

This is what I have planned (which is a similar routine to what I had going in W.A):

6am - P90X - original this time! I felt the 'lite' last time didn't really do it for me. This is a 7 day a week (albeit one of the days is a 45 minute stretch routine), 12 week program that I can cross off a chart. I got to 4 weeks (non stop) before I fell pregnant, then decided I had better stop such a full on work out so I know I can do it again, easily.

4pm-ish 1 hour jog/walk. I did this 5-6 days a week in Geraldton. As soon as we got home from school we all got changed, the kids grabbed a bike or scooter (remember, this was 3 years ago, so M was 5, LPK was almost 7 and LK was 9) and we headed down to the beach to run/ride/scoot along the foreshore on the path for an hour. Great work by my kids!!! It was a rare occasion that one complained about going, but was usually alright as soon as we headed off.

Last thing at night - No time given here, but it will be the LAST thing I do before getting myself off to bed - 40 minutes interval training on the exercise bike. I'll start off slow, but get into it before a week is out. THE BEST WAY to lose weight in my opinion (tried and tested by me, advice give by my PT father) is to do 40 minutes on a cardio machine FIRST thing in the morning and LAST thing at night for 40 minutes - and not a half arsed effort where one can leisurely read a book barely breaking a sweat! Oh no, go hard or go home! 40 minutes is all it is!

So that's the exercise plan. I'm still working on the food one! I recently told my friends A & C that I was giving up sugar permanently, but only lasted 4 days! Grrr. Like I said, I'm working on this........

I'll keep you posted of progress (if any!!!)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Three weeks on RAW

I have been having an absolute BLAST being raw! Still no major cravings (only when hungry and tend to go make myself a green smoothie which take the hunger pains away), still feel fabulous and...


 In the three weeks I've been RAW, I have lost 3.3kg with NO effort whatsoever!!! No exercise. None! Nadda! Zip!

The reason I have done no exercise (besides the fact that I am one lazy unmotivated shit right now - it's winter, give me a break!) was to see if changing my diet alone would do anything. And it has. I can only imagine how great it would be if I actually moved my fat ass AS WELL AS ate amazingly! So I am going to spend the next week thinking about what I would like to do, when and for how long so I can begin to get my exercise mojo back and maybe help improve my weight loss even more!

I'll keep you posted.


Monday, August 2, 2010


Ok, seems I haven't been around for a while!

Clearly I went off track, then tried to get back on track a further 2 times - to no avail. When I lose 'it', it just goes! Then it is REALLY hard to get it back!

Well, I've been back on track for the last 13 days! What am I doing? I've changed my lifestyle and gone RAW. 100%, in fact. I am absolutely loving it.

My head is definitely in the right place this time. I have dabbled in raw a few times only to be lured back to the cooked vegan way by many a tasty treat (La Panella Bakery, for instance!). Sometimes it was as simple as picking at the cooked foods I made for the kiddies. But this time it is much better.

I think last time I gave in, it was always when I was hungry, so now I eat WHENEVER I am hungry. So no more cravings. No more bingeing. No more starving myself. No more sugary urges. I'm winning that battle!

Things I have noticed since becoming RAW:

* I have lost 1.5kg (without even trying!!!! No organised exercise, no limiting foods, no feeling hungry)
* The dryness above my left eye is easing
* Both my knees are regaining movement (knee reconstructions on both!). They still creak a bit, but my range of movement has definitely improved
* A HEAP more energy (just wish I had something motivating to use it on!)

Things I am hoping will improve with RAW foods:

* no lower back pain (caused by excess weight around my waist)
* scoliosis pain
* dandruff
* psoriasis
* dry skin above my left eyebrow
* excess weight (total of 20kg)
* chipping fingernails
* knee pain
* tiredness
* grumpiness
* lack of motivation
* lack of energy
* lose the lolly/sweet addiction

I wrote this list a day or two into Raw foods and as you can see, some of these things are already starting to occur!

I'll be keeping you updated about how this is all going. I am seriously looking at ordering P90X from America. Looks full on, but will be so worth it!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day Twenty Three & Twenty Four

Day 23 an d 24 have been a write off...

Nevertheless, I will get back on track tomorrow and to get me there, I have reposted my original goals.

* Daily long walks with the kids (today we walked to Coburg, picked up a couple of things for dinner and walked back. Tomorrow we'll try Northcote SC)
* Weigh myself daily (and record on my graph) to keep motivation (I know, I know. It also goes against everything I believe, but  I want to give it a go in the hope that it will keep me motivated on a daily basis)
* Eat less bread, pasta, rice (especially of the white variety)
* Cut out sugars (except natural ones. Does that mean I have given myself permission to gorge on raw almond date balls? I think yes)
* Drink 3-4 litres of water
* Read weight loss blogs DAILY (so that means less home schooling and vegan blogs...for now)
* Make a list of rewards for each lost kilo. I'm aiming for 20kg off (I've already got an idea for my first lost kilogram - a new pair of knickers! I don't have the cash for big, expensive rewards and I AM in desperate need of new undies!)
* Cross off each day on a chart (I'm starting with 12 weeks - 84 days - and take it from there)
* Take measurements every 4 weeks
* Keep up the 'Raw until at least lunch time' thing with lots of green smoothies
* Wear comfortable, exercise clothes daily ie. sports bra, trackies, joggers so there is no excuse. I can get back to wearing make up and nice clothes once my confidence (and nice body) return
* Try to get in at least 2 full body weight sessions a week (I have a full gym membership doing NOTHING for goodness sake! I am still trying to work out how I can fit this one in with the kids)
* No eating after 7pm (this one will be tricky for a while I reckon! I enjoy a small handful of cashews with a few squares of dark chocolate while in bed, playing on my Mac with Foxtel on in the background)
* Smaller portions, especially at dinner. Crack out the small bowl and plate that you bought for this purpose)
*When I get my shit together (ie. more motivation) introduce morning and night 20 minutes cardio
* Blog daily about how it is all going, even if it is just one sentence.
* Come up with a 'RED FLAG' weight after I have achieved my 20kg loss and never go past it again (and if I get close, work hard to get back to happy weight)

Back on track,


Friday, June 25, 2010

Day Twenty One and Twenty Two of 84

 Day 21
Today's weight - 77.2   [169.8 lbs]    (18.1 kgs to go) [39.8 lbs]
weight loss to date - 1.9kg [4.2 lbs]

Today's positives - did morning exercise.

Today's negatives - didn't get to do night time exercise as we went to a friend's house for an art lesson and dinner and ended up staying down that way at J's house for the night (it is an hour and a bit away).

Day 22
Today's weight - M.I.A
weight loss to date - M.I.A

I didn't want to weigh myself when I got home as it was well past the time of usual weigh in (i want to keep it consistent). A bit disappointing as was 3 weeks on the cross off chart I have on my door.
Today's positives- hmmm

Today's negatives - didn't do any exercise today. By the time we got home it was late in the morning, cold and I was too interested in doing some sketching! Later on, while the kids went to their first Blue Light Disco, J took me to East Brunswick Club for dinner (and we shared a dessert). I'll make sure I get in my abs workout tomorrow as well as both exercise sessions.

I'm a bit concerned about weigh in tomorrow as I did no exercise and ate out dinner. But never fear, I will do it!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Twenty of 84

Today's weight - 77.5   [170.5 lbs]    (18.4 kgs to go) [40.5 lbs]
weight loss to date - 1.6kg [3.5 lbs]

Today's positives - exercise - 2x20 minutes on the bike, ab workout

Today's negatives - probably not enough water.

Looking forward to an art lesson, and dinner tomorrow!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day Nineteen of 84

Today's weight - 77.2   [169.8 lbs]    (18.1 kgs to go) [39.8 lbs]
weight loss to date - 1.9kg [4.2 lbs]

Today's positives - the numbers on the scales (yep, it's a love/hate relationship!!). Both morning and evening cardio - 20 minutes each on the bike doing intervals and getting up a good sweat! (and in case you were interested, I've been watching an episode of 30 Rock each cardio session, which lasts 20 minutes and is quite funny!). I'm just 100g away from gaining my second reward! Woop woop!

Today's negatives - being too lazy to make decent food. I'd love a green smoothie, and I can now that I have bought some baby spinach.

Abs tomorrow - they are just starting to give me some DOMS today. Love that!