Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day Twenty Three & Twenty Four

Day 23 an d 24 have been a write off...

Nevertheless, I will get back on track tomorrow and to get me there, I have reposted my original goals.

* Daily long walks with the kids (today we walked to Coburg, picked up a couple of things for dinner and walked back. Tomorrow we'll try Northcote SC)
* Weigh myself daily (and record on my graph) to keep motivation (I know, I know. It also goes against everything I believe, but  I want to give it a go in the hope that it will keep me motivated on a daily basis)
* Eat less bread, pasta, rice (especially of the white variety)
* Cut out sugars (except natural ones. Does that mean I have given myself permission to gorge on raw almond date balls? I think yes)
* Drink 3-4 litres of water
* Read weight loss blogs DAILY (so that means less home schooling and vegan blogs...for now)
* Make a list of rewards for each lost kilo. I'm aiming for 20kg off (I've already got an idea for my first lost kilogram - a new pair of knickers! I don't have the cash for big, expensive rewards and I AM in desperate need of new undies!)
* Cross off each day on a chart (I'm starting with 12 weeks - 84 days - and take it from there)
* Take measurements every 4 weeks
* Keep up the 'Raw until at least lunch time' thing with lots of green smoothies
* Wear comfortable, exercise clothes daily ie. sports bra, trackies, joggers so there is no excuse. I can get back to wearing make up and nice clothes once my confidence (and nice body) return
* Try to get in at least 2 full body weight sessions a week (I have a full gym membership doing NOTHING for goodness sake! I am still trying to work out how I can fit this one in with the kids)
* No eating after 7pm (this one will be tricky for a while I reckon! I enjoy a small handful of cashews with a few squares of dark chocolate while in bed, playing on my Mac with Foxtel on in the background)
* Smaller portions, especially at dinner. Crack out the small bowl and plate that you bought for this purpose)
*When I get my shit together (ie. more motivation) introduce morning and night 20 minutes cardio
* Blog daily about how it is all going, even if it is just one sentence.
* Come up with a 'RED FLAG' weight after I have achieved my 20kg loss and never go past it again (and if I get close, work hard to get back to happy weight)

Back on track,



Cealz said...

Here's to getting 'back on track' as Julia Gillard would say

Jil said...

Update is it going? Anymore downs?