Monday, August 10, 2009

start again

Well I'm back...

After being in Adelaide for a holiday and then stressing over my mum being in ICU, I feel like I am back on track!
Today I rode the kids to school and then headed up to the gym to complete a lower body workout. I then jumped on the treadmill and did a light jog for 20 minutes while I waited for the step class to start. After an hour of step class, I jumped on my bike and rode to Pascoe Vale South to pick up the coconut oil for my detox (more on that soon) and then home again!

Killed another 2000 calories! After I pick the kids up this arvo, we are going for a casual bike ride on the Merri Creek Trail for an hour. Cha Ching! Rackin' up the numbers!

Now, about the coconut oil detox. (Thanks dad). I am going to start introducing it into my diet for the next 2 weeks before I replace my current food with the the coconut oil for 3-7 days. I think I will do it for 5 days - Monday to Friday. This seems to be the easiest for me. Weekends are usually packed with places to be, people to visit etc, and is reasonably hard to start perfectly on track. I will let you know when this has started (probably 2 weeks from today). I'll make sure I weigh myself before I start also.


TIl tomorrow,


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nice blog.. may have a great day!