Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Power Day

I've had a fantastic morning - exercise wise!

I rode in to meet Chris for an awesome training session, then rode to AIF to pick up my business certificates, home to the local centrelink, up to my neighbourhood Post Office and then home. All up, 3 hours and 40 minutes worth of exercise! Plus I burnt more than 2000 calories!!!! I don't have an exact number because on the ride to the city my heart rate monitor decided not to register and I don't know how long it was offline for. I was spewing cause as I got to the top of that horror hill on Punt Road I wanted to see how high my heart rate was...and it said 00! boo! And as I said, I don't know how long it was off line for. So the total calories my watch said was 1907 calories, but I believe it was WELL over this! Good shit, huh!

Yesterday I had a bad food day...I ate some lollies and some vegan biscuits the kids made. But that is to be expected I suppose after having nothing bad for 2 weeks. So now I need to make sure I keep on track while I am in Adelaide. I want to have at least a small loss. Should be ok...will be doing lots of walking and making sure I include at least 1 hour of cardio or circuit each day.

I am going to change my weighing day from Monday to Friday. This is because I have no doubt that one day on each weekend will be my free day, so if I go awesome during the week, it will be better to weigh myself before I have a free day! So I will miss this week's weigh because I am in Adelaide, so the next time I weigh myself will be in about 10 days time. I'm aiming for 1 kg loss for that time, including the time I am in Adelaide. I'll be happy with that!


Til tomorrow


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timmils said...

Hey Tahn!!

Sounds, and looks, like you're doin' well. And it sounds like you're really enjoyin' yourself doin' it to!! Rock on girl!! I gte my keys to my new house in 1 week and guess what... You and the kids are welcome to use it whenever you want, but not until you are are happy with your achievement. Ahh... The spa, the beach, the relaxation... But not until you're genuinely happy with what you've achieved. Remember, you reap what you sow!! (Can't forget that one... Got it tatttooed on my fingers the other week!!) Anyways, point is, you want this, so go get it! Timmi.