Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A New Day

I think I have turned a bit of a corner...instead of heading down the straight path of depressive nothingness.
I have a little spark of renewed interest in starting up a personal training business. Swinging back to my first thought for a business which is training women instead of the children thing I was focusing on. I think that in my avoidance of going back teaching is a huge big hint for me. I don't want to work with children! I cannot be bothered with the discipline side of things that tends to take over the whole day (actually teaching the kids is FANTASTIC and so rewarding, but I cannot deal with telling kids off ALL day long, then coming home to my own kids with NO patience for them).
So I need to work out what area I would like to focus on. Definitely WOMEN, but do I leave it that broad or focus on elderly woman and fall prevention? I am really thinking about woman aged between 45-70 maybe(?) who may have a bit more time on their hands plus now have no children left at home to care for so may have extra money to spend on themselves.
Today I went for a jog along the Merri Creek trail up to CERES in Brunswick. I've decided to make a conscience effort to expend at least 1000 calories per day. So, this could be 40 minutes in the morning on the stationery bike and another 40 minutes of cardio at night. Or an hour and a bit jog. Or maybe a bike ride. Riding to Moonee Ponds takes about half an hour and I expend just over 400 calories each way. Not bad. Plus the weather is warming up and getting lighter in the mornings - good for jogging.
I think that if I continue to sit at home and do nothing every day I will never get a job, will have to start teaching again, be unable to step out of my comfort zone to begin my own business. I don't want to get to 60 and have regrets, I should have done this or that. I need to get proactive - easier said than done in my case, but I hope to take my own advice.
On another note, my mum had to return to hospital last week as she developed pneumonia! Uggh! Poor thing! I'm hoping she will be able to come over to rest and recover. She wants to get back to work although she needs to REST! Hopefully I can convince her.

I hope to post again soon. I am better at expressing my emotions in writing than I am verbally so this may give me a kick up the bum in all aspects of my life! (although my writing is in no way poetically written!- I just type without any thought about making sure it is entertaining for readers! Sorry bout that!)



trippybec said...

good job, glad to see you are still at it. keep up the great work. love ya

Seitahn said...

oh you are the best sister!

Seitahn said...
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