Thursday, October 1, 2009

4 x 1000

Day four of getting more than 1000 calories burnt! Yesterday we went for that bike ride to the city and I blogged about it on my other blog space Vegan Family V's Omni World so you can read about it there if you are that keen! Today we went again to Coburg Lake and stopped at 2 parks before heading back to High Street shops and then home. All up about 3-and-a-half hours worth :) I didn't even bother with the HRM! It was playing up REALLY bad yesterday, so I must show it some love and go get a new battery for it.
Technology-free week started today so hopefully I also get a bit more incidental moving in, instead of sitting on the couch, playing on blogger/facebook/forums and watching TV.

Til tomorrow


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Vicki said...

Good work! I have been getting up crazy early to go running before work 4 days a week & I only burn about 500-50 calories. Riding a bike around in the sunshine sounds like the perfect way to get in lots of exercise!