Tuesday, September 29, 2009

do do do

So again today we went for a ride/scoot/jog to Coburg Lake. I was very annoyed with my HRM as it was not reading the correct HR. For example, I was cruising up a hill and my HRM said 117, but I know I was doing about 174 BPM (cause I know my body and I also did my own check!!). So I don't believe that my total calories for the jog were correct. Not that it matters too much (it's just a sign to get new batteries, really!), total calories after a cool down stretch was about 950, then we spent the rest of the afternoon outside, including lifting 25 bags of soil (I reckon they weighed about 25kgs each) up to chest height and had to tip them out into the new vege garden. Got a bit sunburnt (beautiful spring weather!). Going for a ride tomorrow to enjoy the sun.

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