Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have a confession to make

I'm fat!

There! I said it! I'm a big, giant, overweight lard arse! And I have had ENOUGH!

Ok, so here is the plan to combat my wide load:

* Daily long walks with the kids (today we walked to Coburg, picked up a couple of things for dinner and walked back. Tomorrow we'll try Northcote SC)
* Weigh myself daily (and record on my graph) to keep motivation (I know, I know. It also goes against everything I believe, but  I want to give it a go in the hope that it will keep me motivated on a daily basis)
* Eat less bread, pasta, rice (especially of the white variety)
* Cut out sugars (except natural ones. Does that mean I have given myself permission to gorge on raw almond date balls? I think yes)
* Drink 3-4 litres of water
* Read weight loss blogs DAILY (so that means less home schooling and vegan blogs...for now)
* Make a list of rewards for each lost kilo. I'm aiming for 20kg off (I've already got an idea for my first lost kilogram - a new pair of knickers! I don't have the cash for big, expensive rewards and I AM in desperate need of new undies!)
* Cross off each day on a chart (I'm starting with 12 weeks - 84 days - and take it from there)
* Take measurements every 4 weeks
* Keep up the 'Raw until at least lunch time' thing with lots of green smoothies
* Wear comfortable, exercise clothes daily ie. sports bra, trackies, joggers so there is no excuse. I can get back to wearing make up and nice clothes once my confidence (and nice body) return
* Try to get in at least 2 full body weight sessions a week (I have a full gym membership doing NOTHING for goodness sake! I am still trying to work out how I can fit this one in with the kids)
* No eating after 7pm (this one will be tricky for a while I reckon! I enjoy a small handful of cashews with a few squares of dark chocolate while in bed, playing on my Mac with Foxtel on in the background)
* Smaller portions, especially at dinner. Crack out the small bowl and plate that you bought for this purpose)
*When I get my shit together (ie. more motivation) introduce morning and night 20 minutes cardio
* Blog daily about how it is all going, even if it is just one sentence.
* Come up with a 'RED FLAG' weight after I have achieved my 20kg loss and never go past it again (and if I get close, work hard to get back to happy weight)

So, I think that is it. It seems like a lot, but it isn't really that restrictive, so I feel excited about the prospect of having my old body back.

I'll let you know how I go.



Miss T said...

Tahn, unless you've eaten nothing but deepfried peanut butter sandwiches with a tub of Nuttelex since the last (and only) time we met, you are certainly not a lardarse by any stretch of the imagination!

But if you're focussing on being healthy and confident - good for you!

Without wanting to add to your extensive list, the thing that I have found *the* most effective way to ensure that I am eating a well-balanced diet, to learn about relative energy values, and to ensure that 'just one little snack' doesn't give me a fat-sugar-salt overload for the rest of the week, is calorie recording.

It can be a pain to measure and weigh, but you learn so so much and most of all: it works. I recommend

Good luck with whatever you take on. Regardless of anything else, spending more time walking with the kids, eating good foods and focussing on your own well-being is a great thing to do for your inside as well as your outside.

Tahn said...

Thanks heaps for your advice.

I know that most people don't say that I am a lard arse, but I know myself I am 20kgs over my 'regular' weight, so in MY head I am just gross. You know what I mean? You have your own measure. I cannot fit into ANY of my clothes ( I am not exaggerating here) and I refuse to buy anymore. I also have my size 10's that I used to fit into quite comfortably when I first moved to Melbourne only 2 years ago sitting, waiting, pleading with me to wear them again. I am going to win this war!

Johanna GGG said...

good luck with the weight loss and if not with weight loss then at least with regaining confidence and feeling good about yourself - at this time of year I find lots of nicely seasoned roast vegies and soup help when you don't feel like salad but it doesn't seem to go with your raw food thing (and I agree with Miss T that you are not a lard ars by any stretch of the imagination). By the way have you read the recent post about weight gain and loss on Gluten Free Girl - I link to it in a recent post and it is worth a read

Tahn said...

Thanks Johanna. II'll go check it out!

Andrea.F said...

Hi Tahn!
I hope it's all going well. I found it hard to lose weight after my 2nd son was born - it took me almost 5 years! - and I had to really think about it - the weight didn't just fall off like it did with my first son. I am 162cm and my weight was creeping past 66kg - which is the 'healthy weight maximum' for my height - I felt uncomfortable(!) I started to reduce my serving sizes (I was eating as much as my partner who is around 74kg) - and stopped snacking as much - I still eat what I feel like - but just less - and I serve my food on a smaller plate or smaller bowl so it looks bigger! (I also found keeping my hands busy in the evening helps - I am knitting a jumper at the moment) I have lost 13kg over the last 2 years and it seems to be staying off. My goal now is to exercise more (a lot more) - so I'm feeling really inspired by this blog! All the best!! Andrea.Fx

Jil said...

Good luck in your sounds like you are making reasonable adjustments and that gives you a much better chance of success.

You asked what my husband does...well, he was NAVY for 8 years...he is a civilian now but he works for Oceaneering flying ROV's and he is contracted out to the NAVY doing defense work. So I understand your pain...and whereas we both "knew" this before we married them it does not detract in anyway the feelings of being lonely and just missing them in general...people are idiots...I have a friend that complains incessantly because her boyfriend took a job working 6 days instead of 5 so that he could make more money for her...but all she talks about is the fact that they can't go out on that night now...blah, blah, blah...

Anyway... thanks for the comment...I feel a ton better than I did two years ago...and whereas I took a different route to get there the journey is still the journey and I wish you disgusting amounts of success :)