Friday, June 25, 2010

Day Twenty One and Twenty Two of 84

 Day 21
Today's weight - 77.2   [169.8 lbs]    (18.1 kgs to go) [39.8 lbs]
weight loss to date - 1.9kg [4.2 lbs]

Today's positives - did morning exercise.

Today's negatives - didn't get to do night time exercise as we went to a friend's house for an art lesson and dinner and ended up staying down that way at J's house for the night (it is an hour and a bit away).

Day 22
Today's weight - M.I.A
weight loss to date - M.I.A

I didn't want to weigh myself when I got home as it was well past the time of usual weigh in (i want to keep it consistent). A bit disappointing as was 3 weeks on the cross off chart I have on my door.
Today's positives- hmmm

Today's negatives - didn't do any exercise today. By the time we got home it was late in the morning, cold and I was too interested in doing some sketching! Later on, while the kids went to their first Blue Light Disco, J took me to East Brunswick Club for dinner (and we shared a dessert). I'll make sure I get in my abs workout tomorrow as well as both exercise sessions.

I'm a bit concerned about weigh in tomorrow as I did no exercise and ate out dinner. But never fear, I will do it!



Anonymous said...

Hi Tahn
Just because you missed an exercise session, doesn't mean anything, you are still doing a great job!!
I find what works for me to keeping my weight down in the beginning and have kept to it is by having a glass of blended carrots,celery & spinach/dark greens smoothie every morning without fail. Also try abstaining from alcohol for just 4 weeks and you will see the difference. Opt for green tea (Gen Mai Cha) Your skin will love it and a healthy body starts from the inside!!

Keep smiling!!!!

Tahn said...

Hi Anonymous!

Thanks heaps for your well wishes and support! It really does help!

Just to let you know a bit about me: I actually have a green smoothie ALMOST without fail daily (ok, some days I am a bit slack, but mostly I am on top of this because I love them and I love that I get a good lot of daily greens in). I also haven't had a drop alcohol for almost 6 months (it really doesn't interest me!) so I know that is no reason for me SLOWLY losing weight! I won't do the green tea thing because I actually DON'T like ANY hot drinks (so I don't drink tea, coffee, hot chocolates or the like), in fact I only really drink water (we do not have soft drink in this house, nor cordial or fruit juices) the only option around here really is water!!

So sounds like I'm a saint (I'm definitely not!!) but I don't seem to have/do/eat/drink the things that are stereotypical reasons for slow/no weight loss and that, I think, is why I get a bit 'down' when I have done all the right things and STILL struggle to get off half a kilo a week!

Anyway, thanks for the comments and positive words :)


Cealz said...

Hi Tahn, I am a bit scared of my weigh in tomorrow too - i ate SO much this weekend :( I hope I lose *something* at least, even just a bit would be good. I am going to start my 5 week challenge tomorrow - *gulp*

Tahn said...

oh no! Fingers crossed for you! That's why I used to do my weekly weigh in on a Friday!!!!!!

Good luck with the 5 week challenge! I'll be watching!!