Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm feeling good today.
I rode to Moonee Ponds (9km) to train Jean's mum, we walked to the park, then I stepped up her training quite a bit today and I joined in. Then we walked back to her house and I again rode 9km, only back home. I checked my HRM and I expended 1738 calories! Feeling good!

I also just checked my emails and got one from my mate, who apparently won some footy tipping at his work and is offering to take my family and another of his friends out to Shakahari! AWESOME! I've never been to Shakahari, and have heard it is the BEST vegetarian/vegan restaurant (fine dining for vegans!) and that it also has the price tag to go with it!

I am very proud to have such wonderful, selfless friends! Thanks Andrew!

Well, I managed to convince my mum to come over here to recover and She has stayed with me for a week and now she is with my sister until Thursday. Then she is coming back here for a while. So...I have done NO exercise while she has been here! Tomorrow I have a friend and her family coming over from WA. That should be fun! There maybe a bit of alcohol consumption occurring while she is here!! :)

Time for a nice, warm shower!

Til tomorrow (maybe!)



Vicki said...

Shakahari is awesome!! I am hoping to go there this weekend myself. 1738 calories is HUGE! I am just starting to get back into my training - I used to run heaps & have pretty much taken this year off, put on about 10kgs & feel really unfit & lazy but even when I am training a lot I have never burnt that many cals - good work!

Seitahn said...

Yeah, I've heard it is great (Shakahari). Should go look for their website and check out a menu! What do you recommend?
Ugg, isn't feeling unfit and lazy the worst!! I still have quite a few kay gees to lose before I actually feel (and look) like a PT!
Thanks for leaving a comment :)