Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nine Hundred and Seventy Three

That's the amount of today's calories burnt!
I walked the kids to school and then jogged to the Merri Creek Path and went all the way to CERES and back! Not sure of the kilometres (maybe about 8?), but it took me 1 hour and 20 minutes. Actually, it may be more than 8km, because I can easily do 2 laps of the 'Tan (almost 4km each lap) in slightly under 1 hour. I would like to know how many km I do...should have bought the foot lap counter thingy that went with my Polar HRM. Oh well, CERES is a good marker, maybe I'll just try to improve my times.

I thought tomorrow I might jump on my pushy and ride to Dight Falls (is that the name of it?). I think it is about 9km one way. Something different and I wan't have to fight the traffic! Oh, just remembered, I have to pick up my visitors tonight, LATE, and I wonder if I will actually get to exercise? And Tweenie (she just turned 11 a couple of days ago) has an orthodontist appointment on Thursday...

At least the sun is coming up earlier, and the days have been warmer. It was quite hot today when I went jogging. Will need to invest in a flattering pair of shorts (not sure there is such a thing for me!) to exercise in this Spring.

I have been doing a bit of baking and cooking recently and really growing in this area and was thinking of starting another blog to post pics of the food we eat. Not sure if I will post any recipes though, I am very much a recipe follower (I follow every step!) and so none of my recipes are made up by me! I have a stack of vegan cookbooks and I frequent the internet for more. (Actually, as I typed that I looked up to my tabs and counted TEN tabbed internet pages with vegan recipes on them!) What do you think? Probably just another time waster! haha! Something I am good at!

Anyway, must go. Have a house to clean in anticipation of guests tonight and I also need to rearrange my gym room to fit in the mattress for them.

Til tomorrow