Saturday, July 18, 2009

The 6th Day

Oh, the weekend.

Usually a time for forgetting about eating correctly and exercising. Jean usually comes up late Friday night, we stay in bed most of the morning Saturday and Sunday. And eat what ever we feel like (there is a FABULOUS vegan bakery just up the road and on Saturdays when we head to the markets, I usually grab a vegan pie and a YUMMY vegan apple slice!). But for the next two weekends that has to change (after that, though, I think I might make Saturdays my 'free day'- LOVE the vegan bakery!) .

So this morning I went to the Botanical Gardens with Shantini (Lonan piked out!). I haven't seen her for AGES so we did a warm up jogging lap around the 4km track and caught up on all things important! On the second lap we completed it with a 3 light pole sprint, followed by a 4 light pole recovery walk and a 2 light pole jog, before repeating the whole thing again! At the end, we took turns to encourage each other to hold the 'plank' for 2 minutes! Shantini made it! I didn't! (By the way, the wind was quite chilly!)
I wore my HRM and I had burnt almost 900 calories. Happy about that. On the 3 pole sprint I got my HR up to 182bpm! Nice!

When I got home I finally gave Chris a call! We are going to meet for our first session next Wednesday! Thanks heaps, Chris! I am really looking forward to it!

We've just returned from the Preston Markets. (Oh by the way, Shantini, I got Jean to check out the fish and dead animal section to see if there was still stuff there at that time and apparently there was! After lunch is the best time to go for all the bargains - in the fruit and vege section anyway!). We loaded up again on fabulous fresh fruit and vegetables. I had a lengthy chat with a lovely older Italian in one of the deli shops and he gave me the low down on all of the different types of dried beans. Looking forward to trying out some of the fresh dried beans and comparing them to the tin versions I usually use. I discovered that the tin canellini beans are really just white kidney beans. I never knew that! I have been trying to look for 'black beans' which seem to be only available in USA, but nice Italian man said they were just black kidney beans. Good to know. Now can try some of those yummy sounding recipes in Vegan A Go-Go (By Sarah Kramer if you are interested - one of the best vegan cookbooks I own) that require black beans.

Speaking of Vegan A Go-Go, I am about to use one of her AMAZING soup recipes to make my lunch meals for the next couple of days with all the DELICIOUS vegetables we just bought!!!! MMMMMMMMMMM, getting excited just thinking about it!

For dinner, I am planning on making a lentil dahl. Double mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

All of this talk of food is making me salivate! Off to go make me some soup!

Til tomorrow,


Hey Timmi, I wanna lose weight to look awesome in a short skirt, with twigs as legs (instead of tree trunks!) because short skirts look good on skinny people! I'd love to be able to wear one this summer!

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