Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday, Day Five

Back again.

Posting late today because I wanted to wait until I had done my exercise to post - so I could 'tick' it off with you all :)

Felt a bit low today. Sent the 2 younger kids off to school, and jumped back into bed for a half hour kip. Then still couldn't be bothered doing anything. Doesn't help that I don't really know anyone or have absolutely NO money. Best to stay home to avoid the impulse buying habit I am so well known for!

I had already planned to do my circuit/interval training after the kids got home from school because Lonan wanted to do it with me. I did manage to go for a walk to the supermarket to grab some loo paper and lentils about 2pm. Then continued on to the school to pick up Leilani who was returning from camp and hang around until the other two finished. I got home and still couldn't be bothered training!

But did eventually get out there! I always find it a bit difficult training with the kids around. I prefer no distractions but Leilani was fast asleep (she blamed the boys at camp for her lack of sleep!) and I asked Macy to leave me alone and she obliged - good girl! She has felt my wrath before when she has gotten in the way of one of my training sessions (being asked silly questions while you have sweat dripping off your face, pushing heavy weights, on the last three reps is REALLY annoying!!). It was okay with Lonan because he is quite interested in 'getting big muscles' and so will participate and follow instructions. So he completed 2 out of the 3 circuits with me before he had had enough! Good Job!

Food was a bit tricky today (although, all good!) because I trained in the afternoon instead of the morning which made me re-arrange my food choices. But got there in the end. Note to self: try to train in the morning!

For the past 2 days I have been able to have the Spirulina supplement at about 4pm. WOW! What a difference! Definitely filled the gap! Must have been craving food at this time and again I have learnt something about myself by blogging - a hungry Tahnea is a grumpy Tahnea (therefore, one to be avoided!). Hopefully the 4pm Spirulina will mark the end of the devil's arrival.

Today's food included:

Supplements: Vital greens, barley grass, glucosamine

Meal one(20 minutes after supps): Oats, Protein shake, flaxseed oil, Vitamin B12

Meal two: a couple of rice cakes with hommous

Meal three: a lentil burger minus the bread. I had a lentil burger patty,and stacked dry fried mushrooms, grated carrot and baby spinach on top and ate it with a knife and fork. YUM (could have put more veges on here, but Friday is the end of our food week - we hit the Preston Market around 1pm Saturdays for the fruit and vegetable bargains to feed us for the week)

Spirulina drink
Megaslim green tea supplement

Meal four: Protein shake (after training)(should of had a banana, too but see note above)
Glutamine, vitamin C

Meal five: Roasted chickpeas (just finished them before I started to type this up! Not the best meal, I am fully aware but the kids just made whatever for dinner tonight and I didn't really feel like making anything for myself. Besides, I am actually not that hungry, and the chickpeas actually filled me up just nicely!)

Before I go to bed tonight I will have some more glutamine and vitamin C, plus my second glucosamine tablet for my knees.

A bit of a mixed up day food wise, but I will post a 'normal day' next time.

Plenty of water has been downed (I have more than 2L just taking my supplements!).

Off to run the 'Tan with Shantini and Lonan tomorrow.

Til then,


I wanna look thin
to feel comfortable in my own skin
by my birthday


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