Sunday, July 19, 2009

Half Way Through The Clean Fortnight!

Sunday, Day 7.

I feel I have done really well this weekend. Got out of bed reasonably early for a Sunday. Lonan was making apple pancakes for breakfast for everyone, so I helped him with this...and didn't even have one myself! I made myself my regular oats and protein shake, but had a small glass of the apple, carrot and honeydew melon juice I made for everyone.

Then we headed for the shops, which was supposed to be a quick visit,but it wasn't! So I was STARVING by the time we got home and ready to chew people's heads off! Luckily, I had made a big batch of lentil dahl last night and all I had to do was reheat it for everyone. It was really yummy.

I did exercise today, but I did have to cut down the time a little because we had to go out and I was running out of time. Usually I would do 3 rounds of the circuit and then 20 minutes of interval training, but this afternoon I did 2 rounds (although I upped the reps from 12 to 15) and about 12 minutes of interval training. I don't feel too bad. It least I did something.

We went to the Moreland Hotel to celebrate Jean's dad's birthday. I didn't eat ANYTHING! I took my rice cakes and hommus to eat when we first got there, drank a heap of water and then I made my protein shake to 'eat' when everyone else had their meals (with some cashews). I didn't feel like I had missed out on anything although I do wonder how crazy I appeared! Never mind, got through another 'challenge'.

Gretel (Jean's sister - Hi Gretel, don't forget to push 'follow' and add some comments!) was saying she felt I was very brave (was that the word you used?) putting my 'fat' photos on now while I am still fat. Most people are happy to show you how fat they used to be AFTER they have lost a heap of weight and are in a comfortable place mind and body, showing off 'before' and 'after' photos, whereas I am putting my photos up before I get to the 'after' stage! I agree! I hadn't thought about it like that. No wonder I was having difficulty pushing the 'publish ' button! Oh well, job done - looking forward to posting my 'after' photos real soon!

I've got to go and plan my next weeks exercises (and slot them in - no excuses!) and tomorrow's food. As they say..Fail to plan...Plan to Fail!

Til tomorrow,


PS Contemplating jumping on the scale tomorrow. What do you think? Or should I wait for the 2 weeks to be complete?

Timmi: I want to lose weight to fit down a slide! Because it is no fun when you get stuck and you can't slide freely! In the next 11 weeks!

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