Monday, July 20, 2009

Day Number Eight

2.4kg LOST!!!!!

OH happy days!!! It makes it all SO worth it!!

But I do need to explain it- just a little. I weighed myself on the Wii. Not sure how accurate it is, but if I keep using it to weigh myself I should be fine. Also, the last time I weighed myself was 2 weeks ago - a week before I started this Mission. So that could even itself out to 1.2kg per week (which is still FABULOUS!!) but I doubt it. The week before I started this Mission I scoffed all the things I wasn’t gong to be able to have (you all know what I mean - everyone does it!!) - Lollies, cakes, pies, soft drink- whatever I wanted!!

So the end result is a happy Tahnea! SO excited that I am typing this while I sit on the train!!! (heading to apple mac one-on-one training in Chadstone) Couldn’t even wait until I got home tonight!! He He He!

I have already trained my lower body today. Hope I feel as sore as I did last week! Bring on the DOMS!!!!

(ooo, just saw a poster for an Organic Exhibition on July 25/26 at the Exhibition Centre - I’ll be attending that!)(ooo that’s this weekend!)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I wanted to tell you my starting and current weight. I weighed myself a week before this challenge started (as mentioned) and I weighed 77.8kg. I’m now down to 75.4kg (but you knew that cause you worked it out in your head - clever little thing you are!). The lowest I have been this year according to the Wii-ster is 74.9kg. Looking forward to giving that number a big kick up the arse next week! I think at least a half-a-kilo loss next week is very reasonable to expect! BRING ON THE SIXTIES!!!!!!!!!!! (First mini goal - 69.5kg) (any suggestions for a non-food reward when I make it???)

Anyway, gotta put my computer away, nearly at Flinders Street.

I may add more later, depending on if I have anything newsworthy (or should I say blog-worthy!!)

Til tomorrow (or later tonight!)


Ps Dad-hope you found me!

Timmi - I want no muffin top, because muffins are fattening (despite what muffin makers have you believe!) and 77 days would be a nice time to achieve this by!

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