Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day Three

First I want to start by THANKING you all for 'following' and for your fantastically motivating comments! It made me feel really good and I know that if I have a bad day I can just go back and check out your comments and it will pick me right back up!!
So thank you, thank you thank you!!

And please post more - and check back here regularly! 

If you haven't actually pushed the 'follow' button (Bec, Melissa) please do!

Chris, I will definately take you up on that offer! I know you know how hard I like to train! (unlike other crappy trainers I have been to). Let me know what time you would prefer to train me and hopefully we can catch up!

Now, enough of the sucking up! I am sure you want to hear how I have been going!

Well, I wanted to share my other highlight of the day (besides everyone's support!). When I went to pick up Macy and Lonan from school yesterday (Leilani is at a school camp in Anglesea) I hugged Lonan and he put his arms around my waist and rested the side of his head on my stomach (as you do- that's where he reaches!) and he made a comment about my stomach being smaller already and not so squishy! How cool! So.....later that evening, I had to check for myself and sure enough the bloating has lessened already, and my bellybutton measurement was right back at the measurement it was when I finished my Cert III and IV at A.I.F!!!!!!! And that is only after 2 days!!!!!!! Can't wait for the first two weeks to be up - am going to re-weigh and measure myself then and take more photos. Hopefully you will all be able to notice a change...however small!

My other good news is about my knees. As most of you know, I have had a knee reconstruction on each of my knees and lately they have become very creaky and sore. If I crouched right down to touch the floor I found it VERY difficult to get back up. In fact, I was unable to get back up just using my body strength as my knees were so stiff and I would need to push off the floor with my hands.
Well, on Monday, along with other supplements that I have been taking religiously since starting this 'mission', I began taking a glucosamine supplement (although not the usual one that is made from the shells of crabs etc-very UN-VEGAN- but one I found made from a vegetable source). And it has been FANTASTIC!!!! In only 2 days I have both of my knees working WITHOUT any creaking or stiffness!! Not sure why I waited so long to start using this supplement but it is one I will NEVER do without again!! If you have joint problems, I highly recommend it!

Today I finally caught up with Leanne (after what feels like centuries) and we went to the gym together and we did an hour of mixed cardio - 20 minutes on the treadmill (I did intervals), 20 minutes on the stepper (man, that gets your heart rate up!) and 20 minutes on the rower (could have gone harder here, but we were talking a bit - opps!). Then I rode home on my pushy. Expended about 1000 calories. Pretty happy with that!

Last night I was QUITE sore! Quads, hammys, calves! And even though I was aching, it felt soooooo good to feel like that again. You know you have worked hard when you can hardly sit on the toilet seat without holding onto the wall! (I was telling Leanne at the gym today -'Ya know how when you are sooo sore and you have a restless sleep because you keep waking up because your muscles are aching?' and Leanne replied 'Yes, I know exactly how that feels - you did that to me once!' hehehehehe, thought that was funny! Sorry Leanne!)

Food wise, have been following my plan perfectly. I did notice yesterday afternoon I was a bit crabby to the kids. And when I thought about it, I think that I really didn't have much protein at that meal and I think I was still hungry. It was a yummy soup I made. Today I have the rest of the soup to eat but I am going to add some protein to that meal and see if that changes anything. It is amazing when you write everything down how much you learn about yourself. That's why this blog is going to work for me! (fingers crossed)

Anyway, til tomorrow,


ps. sorry, had to come back and edit this post...I forgot to write my reasons for Timmi (re: comments). I am going to try to do this every day, Timmi.

How do I want to look?- I want to be able to look in the mirror and be comfortable in my own skin. I realised today that not even Jean (my gorgeous man - I love you) has seen me this undressed! Hey, Jean (when you finally join my blog), this is what I look like semi naked! Surprise!

Why do I want to look like this?- I feel it will totally increase my confidence, self esteem etc and I want to be able to buy ANY clothes I want without wondering if it will cover my hips, pot gut or if it comes in an XXXL!

When do I want to look like this by? Well definately by January, as mentioned in my original post, but last night I booked a single ticket back to W.A for my cousin's wedding a week after my birthday in November. So I want to feel fab then so I can buy a hot dress to wear there. Last year I went back for my sister's wedding and probably shocked most of my family about how big I had gotten. I felt awful in the clothes I bought and now that image of me is forever a reminder in the wedding photos :(


chris said...

monday 11 onwards, tues/wed 9-12, thur 10-2, sat 11-12. Plenty of choices for ya mate...
Give me a buzz 0420 553357. Can't wait!

Tahn said...

Thanks heaps Chris!!
Will think about the best time and give you a call.
Am going to have to get relief teaching work soon as I am running out of cash - and I wont know what days that will be - so the short of it is I don't want to mess you around! Whatever day I chose, I will not take any relief work on that day anyway!
Thinking possibly the Thursday at 10. Then I can do stuff in the city for the rest of the day :)
Will call you in the next couple of days
Thanks heaps again!!!!!