Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 4 of 84

Well, I'm back.

Still going strong, food and exercise on track. Went to the gym today and did an upper body workout. I never get a FANTASTIC upper body workout by myself. I always feel like I could have pushed more, but I think I am scared of not being able to to hold the weight. You just need that little bit extra help to finish the last 3 reps. Ya know what I mean? Maybe you could help me out with this, Chris? But I am happy for you to plan whatever too, Chris! (will probably call you tomorrow).

I think I finally figured out the crabby afternoon thing. When I thought about it, I did actually have protein on day 2 and more yesterday and I was still a little strung out. I think it is just that time of day for me (and probably most people) - the four o'clock slump. The time when we all pick on bits of food and maybe even throw a few lollies down! ( maybe that is just me!). But I think I have a cure. I am supposed to be taking a spirulina supplement mid afternoon, but have forgotten or have been out with the kids and have remembered about 6pm. So I am going to try and remember to take it at 4pm today and see if it helps with the demon mood! Spirulina is supposed to be a bit of an appetite suppressant, too. I'll fill you in on the success of that tomorrow.

Feeling a little flat today, but putting that down to a late night (well, my usual bed time pre-'mission' but have been trying to get 8 hours every night this week). I went to bed after midnight and hence only got about 6 hours sleep. Bloody internet! We have watched NO television for nearly a week and I am not missing that one bit but the internet is a different story!!!

I am feeling great though, and my stomach is definately shrinking! As embarrassing as it is, I think this blog is the best thing I could have done! Now I have NO more excuses! I have known what to do and eat for years (thanks Dad for your influence!) but it is the commitment part I lacked at times! Relying on other people, not taking responsibility. Now that I am a qualified Personal Trainer, I need to walk the walk (I can definately talk the talk!). Who in their right mind would come to me for personal training looking the way I do? I wouldn't that is for sure! Well, I am nearly four days closer to my goal!

Hey Timmi, I want to look hot! Remember one day you were training me AIF in Melbourne and I pointed out that chick with the awesome looking back? I want that! I want it because it is sexy! I'm not sure I will have a back like hers by my birthday, but I want to be well on my way - no more back fat!

Til tomorrow


Ps. PLEASE keep checking on me, adding comments so I know you are watching and that I can't slack off! I love the motivation!


chris said...

I'm watching you... ;)
I'm waiting for the phone call!

Tahn said...

I promise I will call tomorrow!!