Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 12/13


Soooo can't wait to weigh myself Monday morning!!

Today I ran around the Botanical Gardens with Shantini and Leilani! Shantini and I did a warm up lap around, leaving Leilani to do her own pace. Then we turned around and caught up to Leilani by sprinting and a short recovery walk back to her, and doing another sprint. All in all Shantini and I probably ran well over 8 km and burnt 995 calories!!!!!!!!

PLUS we both held the 'plank' for just over 2 minutes!!!!! OUCH!

Also have been doing some light work in the garden this afternoon. We are putting up a new fold down clothes line around the side of the shed, out of the way. Also we have been pulling out weeds, moving bricks, digging holes (ok, I wasn't digging the hole!), cutting back trees and vines etc. More to do tomorrow.

Have eaten well over the last 2 days and like I said, I can't wait to weigh myself!!

I have a big challenge coming up...I'm heading to Adelaide for 6 days and 5 nights. Only one of those days will I allow myself a free food day, but all of those days I am going to exercise in some form.  Let's hope I can achieve this as well. If I can make 2 weeks without eating shit, I think, with proper planning, I will be able to do this no worries!

Off to have some seed coated tofu and salad. Yum

Til tomorrow


Timmi be thin, for self esteem, by January!

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