Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day one and two

Hi all

I know that at the moment I am the 'all', but I really hope lots of people I know will get on board and support me in this latest mission!

My first mission, one of at least 4 I would think, is two fold- Firstly I plan to eat clean for the first 2 weeks of this personal 12 week challenge. And part two is to complete the remaining 10 weeks by eating clean at LEAST 6 days out of seven. I'll explain all of this in a minute.

But firstly I am (scarily) making this my first publicly viewed blog to make myself accountable to others.  Hopefully I can recruit at least 20 of my family and friends to watch my daily (hopefully) blog, add comments and encouragement, and generally keep an eye on how I am going. This SHOULD make me feel accountable should I not exercise or eat something that is not good for my body. So PLEASE, come on board and comment on how I am going!

I'm on day two today (only 82-and-a-half to go!).  For the first two weeks I plan to:

* drink only water - at least 2L (ie. no alcohol) - this should be pretty easy for me as I usually only drink water and don't often drink alcohol
*  have no white bread or pasta - rye/wheat free acceptable
* NO SUGAR - ugh - the hardest for a lollie junkie!!! But hopefully this will cure my addiction
* no junk food, fast food, cakes, biscuits - should be ok on this one
no carbs at night - we all know carbs are for energy, so why have them after 6pm when most of us are winding down for the day? They will just store as fat!

I also plan to exercise daily. This is why I am hoping to record on my blog daily, to tell you all if I exercised and ate correctly :)

After the first 2 weeks, I aim to complete the above mentioned for the remaining 10 weeks but for at least 6 days out of 7.  I will allow myself one day to eat/drink whatever I chose on the 7th day, if I want to.

So, I think that I will need to complete a few of these 'missions'. I have a goal of looking H-O-T by the time my family all meet in Bali at the end of January next year for my mum's birthday. I want to be able to buy clothes in Bali that fit the thin people!

Occasionally I will post a photo -ugh- I know! But what better way for you to see how things are going. I will add today's photos - front, side and rear (I am surprised I fitted on the camera lens!). I don't particularly like photos, but it all about accountability, right?

So, this is day 2! I am feeling really good! I even got my monthlys today with no cramping! (Sorry guys - not sure you really wanted to hear that!) I trained lower body yesterday and today I completed a whole body circuit. All yesterday and so far today, I have stuck to my eating guidelines. So far, so good.

Tomorrow I will post my measurements. I have already taken them (yesterday) but my ass is so sore right now from yesterday's training session that I don't want to move just yet...it hurts!!!

Please post comments/suggestions and tell me what you think!

Til tomorrow,



timmils said...

Tahn, this is fantastic!! I know you are out of your comofrt zone here and you deserve so much respect for that. Keep your end goal in mind, and write it donw daily. How do you wanna look, why and by when? Write it every morning! Take five minutes to od this before you do anything else. NO excuses, get up five minutes earlier than usual to do it. And remember, you reap what you sow! Here for anythin' you need matey. Timmi.

Pravin Nair said...

hey tahn that is really a brave step. Now i have more respect for you than never before. I wish u very best of luck and I know u will be determined and persistent in achieving ur goal.

chris said...

Hey Tahn, top work mate. Come train with me once a week (for free!) if we can get a couple of other people to volunteer their services you'll be accountable to a whole heap of people individually as well..
If you're keen let me know.
P.S. great show of courage and incredibly smart also to use your resources to the mostest. You've got the desire now get the results!

melissa said...

Well done Tahnea for having the guts to post the photos and blog. Boy, you are out of your comfort zone and I am truly amazed how brave you are! Good on you, I know you can do it cause you have been there before. I know how determined you are to get back there. You now have all the knowledge and equipment to get you there! Go girl do it for yourself, your kids and your lover!

trippybec said...

great work on the upper body it looks fantastic!! Keep up the good work. =D

Shantini said...
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Shantini said...

Tahns !!!Im soo proud of you! ill be watching you every step of the way ! I think this is a brilliant idea and i hope it sets a precedent for others out there who are in the same position! Sometimes all you need is a little support or that extra nudge to keep you going ! you know you ve got all of us ! lets do a run this weekend yeaa? we 'll get you burning the calories up anderson st!!!
Anyone else interested in a motivational run this weekend ! please do join !
carpe diem !

Anonymous said...

hey Tahnea
i think what you are doing is very brave effort and i am sure you will sucseed in it cause you sure are putting in a lot of effort in it. i hopw wish and pray that all stays well with you and you achive all your goals.
take care and all the best

riggir said...

Keep at it. You might get back to having "sparrow legs" like when you was a kid. Small tip - if you get real hungry - drink water. That keeps it at bay.

Tahn said...

Thanks for the tip Aunty/Uncle/Cousin (not sure which Riggir you are -hehe) but I reckon if you are getting real hungry you should eat!!! Otherwise the body stores your fat, wondering when your next meal will be!
Anyway, I'm really good with the water - and I'll use your tip to help subside the sugar cravings :)
Thanks for checking out my blog...come back soon and see the progress towards Sparrow Legs :)