Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 10

Ok, first I am going to start off with a scary photo! Sorry about the lack of warning! I have a photo that was take in the first week of February 2009 by my wonderful brother-in-law, Daniel. Every now and then he sends me this photo via sms to get a giggle. Last night, Jean send me this photo to give me some inspiration to keep at it (he sent it as I was making dinner and I nearly threw up! No, seriously! Not a good visual to get when you are not expecting it!)
Remember this was taken only about 5 months ago (and Jean and I had just retured from a fat time in London and Europe)!

(excuse the bogan gesture!)

It is definitely a photo I would like to remain hidden but this blog is all about getting it out, right? Maybe my B-I-L can now stop tormenting me with it - since it is now out in the open! I doubt it! I'm sure he lives to give me shit! hehe

(By the way - am proud of myself that I worked out how to bluetooth this photo from my phone to my computer- love my Macbook Pro!!!)

Now, just for comparison (since my photos are now in the 'older post' section) I am just going to repost my starting photo here (hopefully this will make me feel better!)

Ok, better, but not by much...still got a long way to go!

Anyway, back to today!

Today has been MASSIVE!!!! I rode to St Kilda Road to train with Chris (12.2km) and then trained with him for 1 hour and then rode home (12.8km - a different way) - 3 hours in total!

Yes, you can all say 'Well done', pat pat (on the back) and thumbs up but I am going to give a blow by blow account so you can REALLY grasp the intensity of this session! (feel free to skip it if it bores you that much!)

I left my house at about 8.55 am after taking the kids to school and rode 12.2 km to see Chris at Genesis on St Kilda Road. This took me 44 minutes along Hoddle street, up through Punt Rd (man there was a HUGE hill to get to the turn off at Toorak Rd!). I burnt 497 calories just getting there. It's not a bad run along Hoddle street because you mostly have a bus/bike/taxi lane to yourself without worrying whether you are going to be run over - well not too much anyway!!)

It was great to catch up with Chris next (haven't seen him for 4 months since we both finished the AIF course).
Chris put me through my paces for an hour and I burnt 577 calories (although I forgot to start my watch until Chris reminded me after the first super set so I think we should make that about 600 calories).

Chris - you know how you asked me about the intensity of the session with you? I was thinking that I was probably perfect, considering my ride home I have to endure after training with you! But again, I'll leave that up to you :)

Then I decided to try a new way home. I went through the city, up Russell st to Lygon and on to Nicholson before turning onto Bell to get home. This took me 50 minutes (it was 12.8km) and I burnt 590 calories. Not too shabby.

I think it took me a bit longer getting home for a few reasons:

1. It's a longer route
2. There are a few hills in the city!
3. I had a huge headwind all the way up Lygon and until I got home (well over 8 km worth!)
5. There are WAY more traffic lights on this route! This could have its good and bad points -
Had to keep stopping and starting! 
I suppose you could look at that as interval training
lose your momentum
mixed it up a bit

I forgot I had another nasty hill when I got onto Bell, but the downhill run to my house made it all worth it!

Anyway, got home exactly at 12pm! 3 hours of exercise! A total of approximately 1700 calories burnt today!!!!!! Yay!!!!! Go me!!!!!!Go Chris!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

My Polar watch said I had done 5 hours of exercise this week (well 3 of them today!!) and had expended 2950 calories since Monday! Yeeee Haaaaa! Looking forward to Monday's weigh in!

Must go, now that I have bored you, because I am STARVING after all of that exercise! Plus, I have been a really shit friend to my mate, Jo, in WA. She had baby number 4 a few months ago and all she got from me was a sms saying congratulations. Shit, huh? She has sms'ed me another photo of baby today, so I MUST go ring her!

Til tomorrow


Ps - Leave a comment re: my photos! I'd love to hear from you!

Timmi, I want to wear sexy underwear again and feel good in it (I know that saying this on THIS post with crappy fatty photos probably isn't the best time to do so! And may conjure up awful mental scaring for some of you!) Aiming for Christmas, to be able to buy a nice pair to show my man :)

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chris said...

THAT'S HUGE...! The calorie consumption that is.. What a mammoth day Tahn, I'm sure you'll sleep well tonight. Hopefully the photo shows you how much you've changed already and that by December anything is possible. Good Session today too mate, see ya next week.