Monday, June 21, 2010

Day Eighteen 0f 84

Today's weight - 78.8   [173.4 lbs]    (19.7 kgs to go) [43.3 lbs]
weight loss to date - 300 grams [0.7 lbs]

Today's positives - exercise, exercise, exercise! Take that, Fat! Abs set as described yesterday with a few minor changes (couldn't be bothered going back outside to get swiss ball so I just did side crunches on the ground. Also, the last exercise 'knee to arm' was waaaayyy too tricky for me and I had such bad form that I really needed to stop. I ended up doing crunches with cross over arms). 20 minutes X trainer. Later I walked to the shop with the fam, and lastly I did my night time cardio but this time on my exercise bike which I soooo prefer to my X Trainer. Having said that, this exercise bike is pretty shit compared to the one I sold in Geraldton before I moved to Melbourne, but I can't dwell on that! (well, not too much anyway!). I should also mention that I did  interval training on both the bike and the X trainer. Eventually I will get up to 40 minutes cardio both am and pm.

Today's negatives - the f@cking scales! It has me back at almost my starting weight! Sad face. Sad face, sad face, sad face. Just goes to show that my body does NOT like ANYTHING bad for it. Bad weekend. Naughty food. Stupid self control. I agree with Cealz - it used to be so easy to lose weight in days gone past. I think it is because I've hit 35. It has definitely gotten harder as I have gotten older. 

Let's kick some arse this week!



Celia said...

I bet the scales are showing a small gain because you are putting on muscle - seriously I am sure if you measured yourself there would be a difference. There is NO WAY you could be not getting skinnier with all that exercise!
I wish I could be as dedicated an exerciser as you. I think you are really doing an amazing job.

Anonymous said...

Hi its me again, try to put aside the constant weigh in. Your goal should be how you fit into your clothes eventually. I am 5 kgs heavier then what I was before but I fit into my size 8 clothes fine, I eat loads( and I mean Loads) but healthy and occasional junk and I am 38 yrs old( so no excuse for hitting 35!!!)
What I'm really trying to say is be patient and eat healthy as well and the rest will be history....

Celia said...

I agree with the fitting into clothes thing