Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day Twelve of 84

Today's weight - 77.5   [170.5 lbs]    (18.4 kgs to go) [40.5 lbs]
weight loss to date - 1.6 kg [3.5 lbs]

Today's positives - A LOT more water today - about 2L. Very happy about that. I only did 20 minutes on the X trainer, not the night time one, but I spent most of the day deep cleaning parts of my house, so must have burnt a few extra calories there. Walked with kids to library and back. Small DOMS on my butt )from the circuit) - AWESOME!

Today's negatives - I would have liked to do 20 minutes X trainer tonight. Actually found out the ingredients of dried bananas and realised why they taste so good! So no more for me!

It is interesting to watch my weight loss graph that I have stuck on my door and plotted every morning. With the exception of the first couple of days, the line has small peaks before a small weight loss. Let's hope the trend continues and there is a loss on the scales tomorrow.

Sorry, no photo of the knickers tonight. I did take one, but I am in my toasty bed right now and therefore am too lazy to exit it to get the camera and download! Maybe tomorrow!

Circuit in the morning.


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