Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Fourteen of 84

Today's weight - 77.4   [170.3 lbs]    (18.3 kgs to go) [40.3 lbs]
weight loss to date - 1.7 kg [3.7 lbs]

Today's positives - exercised on cross trainer, walked to a friend's house for lunch about half an hour away.

Today's negatives - I really felt like a green smoothie today for energy but I had no ingredients for one, so felt a little flat.

Despite what I sooked about yesterday, I did have a positive moment when I slipped into my jeans today. I have lost a bit of my muffin top!!! YAY!!! Now, it is definitely still there but it was really noticeable that is was slowly disappearing! I am looking forward to taking measurements in two weeks time to compare.
I lost 400g this week, bit disappointing really but I happened to be watching some crap show on Foxtel the other day about brides getting ready for their wedding and one lady lost 15 pounds in 15 weeks. I figure I am well on my way for that result. I am hoping that at the end of this first 12 weeks that I will have lost at least 10 kg (22 pounds). That will be awesome, and then I can work on the next 10kgs.


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Andrea.F said...

Hi Tahn! Well done! - 1.7kg is fantastic!! I tried your work out 2nights ago - and I didn't get through it - I was panting at the squats!! - I promise to try again soon - it's great reading your updates everyday - keep it up! Andrea.Fx