Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day Ten of 84

Today's weight - 77.6   [170.7 lbs]    (18.5 kgs to go) [40.7 lbs]
weight loss to date - 1.5 kg [3.3 lbs]
Same as yesterday. 

Today's positives - Making it relatively safely through the weekend (food wise). With J home it is always a concern I will slip back into old habits.

Today's negatives - No exercise. Let's call it a day off!

I just realised that I may have missed Day Eight and this infact may be Day 10! Will check it out!


Edited to add: Yep, did miss day 8! Have fixed it all up now!


Cealz said...

Well done on making it through the weekend - weekends are tough - especially with guys around! Grrrr they always want to eat yummy food and tempt you!

Tahn said...

I know! They don't get it sometimes! Today J was like 'I'm heading to the bakery. Would you like anything? Maybe a sneaky apple slice?'

Are you kidding?? And ruin all my hard work for one 'sneaky' apple slice???!!!!!