Friday, June 4, 2010

day one of 84

Today's weight: 79.1kg (20 kgs to go)

Today's exercise: an almost 8km walk to Northcote Shopping Centre/Library and back (45 minutes each way)

Today's food:
Breakfast - giant glass of green smoothie (baby spinach, frozen banana, 3 pears, flaxseeds, dates)

Lunch - two small patties of homemade lentil pecan burgers, small salad (YEP! I said salad!) of baby spinach, avocado, red capsicum, mushroom, grated carrot, tomato, cucumber

Snack - quite a lot (too much really) dried banana. (note to self - check out calories of my new sweet addiction. It's gotta be better than lollies, right?)
Small amount of cashews

Dinner - Rest of the green smoothie I made this morning - about 2 giant glasses full.

Hardest part today? Jumping into a warm bed early and not snacking! I made sure I didn't eat after 7pm.

I no where near reached my water target today. Will try harder tomorrow. I also took measurements today, but will post tomorrow.


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