Monday, June 14, 2010

Day Eleven of 84

Today's weight - 77.4   [170.3 lbs]    (18.3 kgs to go) [40.3 lbs]
weight loss to date - 1.7 kg [3.7 lbs]

Today's positives - Making it through the Queen's birthday Long Weekend with a weight LOSS! OMG! Even I'm impressed! Started including a body weight circuit today, as well as 20 minutes on the X trainer. The plan is to do it every second day (the circuit). It is only a basic workout that lasts 15-20 minutes, but it has been a while since I did anything like this so it is a perfect start. I have decided to follow a workout that is featured in the Herald Sun on either Saturday or Sunday. Y'all know that I am actually a personal trainer and could make up my own circuit (with my eyes closed) but this way I do not have to even THINK about what I am going to do! SO this is what I took from  the Sunday Herald Sun this week:

20 squats
30 skips (I just pretended that I had a skipping rope and had high knees)
20 stationary lunges on each leg
30 skips
20 Band Rows (I actually gave my band to J's mum, so I did bend over rows with no weight (because I was too lazy to go outside and get some!) but VERY concentrated)
30 skips
15 push ups (I actually did a close grip push up - might as well work my chest AND my triceps at the same time - and I was on my knees - it has been a while since I did a full push up, so something to aim to get back to)
30 skips
Side bridge - held for 20 (pitiful) seconds each side
30 skips
So you can see that I slightly altered it to suit me and I will do this on Wednesday, and Friday before I do 20 minutes on the X trainer in the morning,
I also hope to do 20 minutes on the X trainer at night before bed, but if I don't make every night this week, I am ok with that, as adding the circuit is really enough this week!

All this extra exercise means I definitely got more water today than usual (still would like to improve, though)

Today's negatives - I felt like I was MADE to eat tonight. Like I was ganged up on by J and my daughter, L. I am now trying to make sure that I only eat when I am hungry and while I was finishing off cooking dinner for everyone, I asked L to get out the plates, but not one for me. J and L decided that they would give me a hard time on my decision not to eat dinner, and so I dished up some for myself - especially as L is almost 12 and I don't want her to start having body issues. I used a small side plate and had 1 chickpea cutlet, a small dollop of cauliflower mash and half a dozen roasted brussel sprout halves. Turns out this was probably a good idea since I needed the energy for the night time exercise. Still, I didn't like that I felt trapped into eating.

Bought myself my first reward today (a pair of knickers!) will post a pic tomorrow (NOT with me wearing them!!)



Andrea.F said...

Woo-Hoo!! Good on you Tahn!! I am going to copy and paste your exercise routine - and stick it up on the fridge......will start it today!

Tahn said...

Thanks Andrea!

Let me know how you go with the exercise! It is a pretty basic routine but I was definitely puffed afterwards.

Celia said...

Wow you exerciser!!!
Good weight loss, you are doing so well and so much self control!
I'm sure the knickers are gorgeous on you ;)